What I Know....Poems of Life

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by Y.B. Taylor
6" W x 9" H
64 pages
ISBN : 9781438970073

“What I Know…Poems of Life” takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions, experiencing laughter, tears, a-ha moments, comprehension and rage. The poems provide a glimmer of being black in America, the comprehensive “charge” of being a woman, and the challenge of facing and surviving the unknown. There are poems addressing the abomination of slavery, the inequity of Jim Crow, the fight for civil rights and integration as well as the gloriousness of election night 2008. There are poems that will bring a smile to readers’ lips as they travel down memory lane and revisit Nadinola, Dixie Peach, doo-wopping and Ed Sullivan, which were staples in many black neighborhoods. Based on written and oral history, current events, hearsay and actual experiences of the author and others known to the author, these poems provide discussion points, especially for younger readers born from mid-1960s and later.
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