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Art Club

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by Lorna Scobie
52 pages
Full colour illustrations throughout
4.7 in H | 2.8 in W | 1.2 in T

ISBN 9781784884383

Smart art ideas to inspire you to be more creative.

From Lorna Scobie, the best-selling author of the 365 Days of series , this interactive play deck gets your creative juices flowing with 52 fun and easy art prompts.

Do you struggle with finding time for creativity? Do you need help with finding inspiration? Here you will find a variety of daily drawing challenges that will inspire your passion for creativity and self-expression along the way.

Take them with you while out on a walk in the park; pack them in your suitcase or use them the next time you have some friends over for dinner.

Art Club is the perfect springboard for creative ideas, for developing your painting skills and helping you find and master your own drawing style.
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