No Sew Buttons

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Material: Metal pins and tin box
Includes 3 different coloured pairs
Detachable pin buttons
1.2 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm

Designed to solve the age old problem of rogue buttons popping off shirts at the most inconvenient of times, No Sew Buttons are here to keep your cuffs in check. Panic over.

Imagine the scene, you’re rushing to an important meeting and notice a button has disappeared, leaving a little too much ventilation shall we say! Thankfully Luckies of London have the ultimate solution – a tin of button pins compact enough to tuck in a suit jacket pocket or handbag.

Each tin contains 3 pairs of button pins in white, grey and black, ensuring there is a complimentary or matching colour for each outfit and occasion.

These days when time is often tight, No Sew Buttons are the perfect gift or accessory for anyone who likes to look sharp but has a busy schedule.
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