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Words of the World: Birds

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Collages by Motomitsu Maehara
7 x 7 inches, 20 pages
Hardcover board book
Full-Color Illustrations
Age Range: 0 to 5

ISBN: 9781735000565

Explore words of the world and learn the names of a variety of animals or plants in the six most widely spoken languages.


Bird. Oiseau. Pájaro. In this delightful board book, explore words of the world and learn the names of a variety of colorful birds in the six most widely spoken languages.

Curious minds will love the playful, brightly colored collages and multilingual exploration of birds and their names from around the world.

This beautiful board book pairs gorgeous collages of eighteen types of birds with their names across the six most popular languages worldwide: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), and Arabic, as well as the language of universal friendship, Esperanto.

This book is the perfect size for little hands, and children (and parents) will enjoy testing out each word and identifying similarities in sounds across languages as well as the names that stand out.

The Words of the World board book series encourages multilingual exploration and curiosity about our world among young readers. Each book promotes language learning through playful and sophisticated collages and even includes phonetic pronunciation for Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic.

Language is a powerful tool that binds us together across cultures, and developing our skills beyond a single language helps us to expand our ability to:
-Problem-solve and use critical-thinking skills
-Consider other people's perspectives
-Become aware of our surroundings

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